Onam 2017

Onam Images 2017

As part of onam festival almost all the educational institutions declare holiday for ten days. Even the government and private organization gets minimum of two day’s leave. They conduct various games Like thug of wire, boat’s race, puli Kali to add more vibrance and enthusiasm to the viewers. Onam 2017 is the only festival which is world renowned and celebrated without any differences in the gender or caste.

Happy Onam Images 2017

Onam 2017

Athachamayam marks the start of the festivities, the grand parade from Thripunithara to Thrikakara Temple. The temple is dedicated to Vamana the dwarf avatar of Vishnu. The parade features elephants, folk art forms and music.  The rich cultural heritage of Kerala is truly visible during the festive season. Traditional art forms like Thiruvathira, Kummattikali, Pulikali, Thumbithullal are performed as the part of festival all around Kerala. Floral designs called Onam Pookalam 2017 is a common sight during Onam Season.


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